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We proudly introduce our new Collezione Artistica on the 50th Anniversary of Automobili Lamborghini. These new masterpieces feature the most exclusive combinations of materials, technology, and art, and are designed and manufactured by the Automobili Lamborghini Advanced Composite Structures Laboratory in Seattle, WA. The various carbon fiber materials utilized for this artwork are the same as Lamborghini’s supercars. These sets are assembled in Italy at MR Collection headquarters. They are personally cured and supervised by Paolo Feraboli and Egidio Reali.


Limited Edition – 1 piece only. “3D carbon fiber painting”.

Frame in matte finish Forged Composite® carbon fiber “marble”, with gradient silver paint transitioning from full carbon to full silver. Inlaid waterjet cut matte finish twill carbon fiber woven fabric with Lamborghini script and 50th anniversary logo waterjet cut and colored in silver, Italian flag detail. Geneva 2013 Silver metalluro Veneno mounted horizontally on a black shelf springing from the back. Back surface covered in black felt and wall mount loop. Designed to be wall-mounted but can be used as horizontal table top decoration. The model is NOT covered by the protective case and therefore it will be exposed to the environment.

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