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These Terms & Contitions will be applied starting from February 6th 2023, 12:00 CET.


The Engine Club (hereinafter TEC) is the loyalty program of Atelier by MR Collection and it is designed to reward the most loyal customers with exclusive benefits making every purchase a special event.

Thanks to The Engine Club, all Atelier by MR Collection customers can become part of a world of privileges, such as reserved discounts and early access to exclusive models. It will also be possible, through purchases, to earn “points” which, in addition to determining the ranking of the customer, can be spent on the site to purchase the models on the online store.


The TEC is based on two types of points that power the “engine” of each customer:

  • HP points (Horsepower Points): they define the user’s level (ranking) and have an expiration of 500 days, after which they are “deducted” from the customer’s account.
  • FP Points (Fuel Points): these are the credits to be spent on the website and they do not have an expiration date. It is possible to spend them at any time until the account is cancelled.

How the point value of a product is calculated:

  • Both types of points are awarded according to the equivalent of “10 euros = 1 point” and they are earned when an order is completed.
  • The calculation of the points earned with a product purchase on the website is carried out without considering any taxes and shipping costs, that give no points.
  • Points are earned only considering how much the customer actually spent on the purchase of a product, subtracting from the calculation any ranking discount.
  • Orders that include coupon discounts or are paid (partially or totally) with FP points do not add any points.
  • In case of a pre-order or customized model, the points are earned when the balance is paid.
  • The value in points of a product is explained on the page of every single product, while inside the cart, before checkout, it is shown the value in points of all the products present in it.

Manual assignments:

Administrators can manually assign points, both FP and HP. In the case of HP points, the expiry is always 500 days, while FP points, even given as gifts, never expire.


  • A notice of the expiration of HP points is sent to the customer 14 days prior to the expiration date.
  • A notice on the expiration of HP points is sent to the customer at the same time as the term.
  • Each time a purchase is completed, two notifications appear on the customer’s screen certifying the effective earn of the points.


  • FP points can be spent as money on the website according to the equivalence of 2 points = 1 euro.
  • Each customer, at the time of payment, can decide how many points to “spend” within the purchase, selecting the amount using a slider in the payment section.
  • The system will automatically calculate the maximum value of points that can be spent on that purchase.
  • In case of purchases with deposit (customized and pre-order), the system will subtract the value in points from the total and divide the amount to be paid according to the normal settings of the pre-order system.
  • Payments with FP points will be not accepted for orders of customized models, 1:8 models or special sales (E.G. Black Friday)
  • On the occasion of special sales (E.G. Black Friday) or special models the company reserves the right to make unavailable the use of discount coupons.
  • Every discount voucher cannot be used to purchase 1: 8 scale models.


Whenever a purchase is made with points, the negative value of the purchase is displayed on the customer’s screen with a disappearing notification.


The TEC system provides four ranking levels automatically established based on your HP points balance over the 500-day period of validity. The privileges guaranteed by each level are:

  • 0/499 points – ENGINE START: the customer, after the first purchase, gets a 10% discount coupon to be spent once, starting from the second purchase.
  • 500/999 points – SILVER: the customer earns early access to the models included in the special category “The Engine Club”.
  • 1,000 / 1,499 points – GOLD: in addition to the privileges of the Silver level, the customer also earns a 5% fixed discount on all models.
  • 1,500 points and more – PLATINUM: the customer who has reached this level enjoys the same privileges as the Gold level but he also earns a 10% fixed discount.
  • From the Silver level onwards, the customer earns a dedicated discount that is automatically applied to all purchases.
  • In case of purchase with pre-order, this discount will be divided between Deposit and Balance.


The customer is notified by email whenever his ranking increases or decreases.


The customers can monitor their situation via the “TEC Dashboard” menu item, which appears in the main menu.

This page consists of the following items:

  • Icon representing the current level.
  • Textual explanation of the current level.
  • HP points balance.
  • FP points balance.
  • Progress bar that shows how long it takes to reach the next level with the range values explained.
  • Summary table of history regarding the awarding and expiration of HP points.

The level reached and the balance of the HP and FP points is also summarized in the main menu.