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Available from Mid May 2015


The Huracan silhouette captures the beauty and essence of the Huracan aerodynamic lines, while showcasing the beauty of Forged Composite technology.

The silhouette is made with Forged Composite, the unique material developed by the Automobili Lamborghini ACSL in Seattle, WA and first introduced on the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento monocoque. Since then, Forged Composite has been used on different parts on the interior and exterior of the Aventador J, Veneno, Asterion, Aventador Roadster, and now finally on the Huracan, where it is used in the chassis as well as throughout the engine bay.

The ACSL has since developed award-winning, high performance parts using Forged Composite technology, including components for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, the Diablo Octane and Razr Hawk Callaway Golf drivers, and the Union FC snowboard binding.

Forged Composite technology uses millions of chopped carbon filaments, dispersed in a homogeneous fashion through the part, and shapes them at high pressures – over 10 times those of traditional carbon fiber fabric. The process enables the shaping of complex three-dimensional parts that would not be possible with traditional metals or composites, while maintaining extreme rigidity. The result is also the unique black marbled look which characterizes Forged Composite. A dedicated hardened steel mold was machined to manufacture this silhouette in order to resist such high pressures.

The silhouette is available in:

§  Original Lamborghini color paint (Verde Mantis, Arancio Atlas, Giallo Midas, Rosso Mars, etc.)

Limited Edition 10 pcs!


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