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“Countach green”

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Unique painting, Acrilic on Canvas, cm137x125

Author: Alessandro Salvagnin

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“The Lamborghini Countach is one of the reasons I’ve been designing cars as a profession: this car still seems so different from everything else on wheels, raw, essential, extremely low, a true concept car on the road. I decided to display the subject from a relatively hi perspective, showing the engine bonnet and the converging geometries, giving the subject the appearence of something different than a car: a spaceship! The green colour scheme is a hommage to the green Countach LP400 that I often admire passing through the Automobili Lamborghini official Museum in S.Agata Bolognese; the blue colour is uneven on pourpose, it recalls the smell of oil stains engines of passed times leave on the ground.”


Author Biography:

Alessandro Salvagnin, born in Milan in 1976, is currently a senior designer in Lamborghini. After a full degree on Aerospace Engineering at Politecnico di Milano, he decided to pursue an other great interest, car design: he got a Master Degree in Milan at Scuola Politecnica in 2005. During this period he met Filippo Perini, currently head of Design of Lamborghini, who wanted him part of his small team. Of all the projects he was involved on, Aventador and Sesto Elemento are the milstones of his career.

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