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“Arancio Argos”

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Unique painting, Acrylic on canvas, cm119x37 (in46,8×14,5)

Author: Luca Reggiani

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“From red to orange, the first a primary colour, the latter a secondary one, blended between red and yellow. Arancio Argos was the official launch colour of Lamborghini Aventador, inspired by the sunset hue of the sky, a burning bonfire, the autumn forest tint that becomes flames…”

Author Biography:

Gian Luca Reggiani was born in Camposanto (Modena) in 1965. Passionate about figurative art since his childhood, he starts a study path on hand drawing techniques and human figure anathomy as well as russian icons; during this period he is working in the family enterprise, learning to manage people and workflows.
Thanks to his expertise, from 2002 he is part of Lamborghini and from 2004, Luc Donkerwolke wants him to join Centro Stile. From that day on he is a Colour&Trim designer, now responsible of all C&T Lamborghini Product Range.

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