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  • 58 HP

    Lamborghini Urus S

    579,00 URUSS010

    The Urus embodies a visionary concept through the realization of a Super Sport Utility Vehicle born from pure Lamborghini DNA. In the Lamborghini Urus S, performance, design and exclusivity are evolved, revealing even greater strength and a heightened perception of luxury. Urus S is the most accomplished super SUV, one that combines maximum capability and…

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  • 58 HP

    Ferrari LaFerrari

    579,00 LAFERRARI040

    Showed for the first time in Geneva Motor Show in 2013, Ferrari LaFerrari is the heritage of the Ferrari Enzo, and it’s one of the first car of the house of the Prancing Horse that boast an hybrid engine with the HY-KERS technology. The total power of the engine unit is of 963 HP! Only…

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  • 48 HP

    Lamborghini Huracan Tecnica

    479,00 TECNICA03

    The latest member of the Huracán range provides the purest Lamborghini driving experience combined with the freedom of everyday use: a bridge between past and future, lifestyle and performance, road and track. Huracán Tecnica brings forth a pilot’s attitude in every driver, delivering the most rewarding performance and the ultimate, fun-to-drive experience — simultaneously. Unleash…

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